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Crackpot is a peaceful and quiet hamlet nestled in amongst rolling hillsides, with stunning views whichever way you look.

Our cottage dates from 1722 and is one of 3 cottages and a dairy farm, which is the last dairy farm in Swaledale.

We moved here 2 years ago to escape the hustle and bustle of life in the South for a place in paradise!

Our dream was always to work the land and share our experience with other people. Hence the B&B and glamping!

We are a family-run smallholding. We grow our own fruit and vegetables and our hens provide us with fresh eggs daily.

We also sell our eggs and homemade produce.


Here at Crackpot we grow a variety of fruit trees, plus gooseberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and rhubarb. We make our own apple juice and have started experimenting with jams!

Our vegetable patch provides us with seasonal produce for the table.

We also have a substantial production of chilli peppers, which we use to create our own range of sauces and relishes.

The hens

Our eight girls honour us each day with fresh eggs.

They are a really friendly bunch, who love to be stroked and will come running towards you, clucking for some fresh grass.

Their favourite treats are spaghetti, melon and grapes.

We sell our eggs locally and to our guests.


At Crackpot Cottage we waste nothing!

We have several composting bins and water butts.

All garden waste is used to maintain our natural fences, which in turn supports a thriving habitat for wildlife.

Waste from the chicken run, ash, leaf mulch and egg shells all get dug into the vegetable patch to provide essential nutrients.


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Crackpot Cottage


Low Row


DL11 6NW

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