Genuine Italian pizza menu from Crackpot Cottage


Emanuela or Karen

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Crackpot Cottage is a family-run B&B & Glamping and a small holding.

Our guests have loved our pizzas, so we decided to also make them for the local community.

And Crackpot Pizza was born!

All our products are partially cooked and fresh-frozen and ready for collection or delivery (no later then 6.00pm).

Please ring us any time during the day to order.


Margherita - £6.00

Pizza Margherita is a typical Neapolitan pizza, made with passata, mozzarella cheese, fresh basilsalt and extra-virgin olive oil.


Marinara - £6.00

Pizza marinara is a style of Neapolitan pizza prepared with plain passata and seasoned with oregano, garlic (grown at Crackpot Cottage) and basil. It is very similar to a Pizza Margherita, however it lacks the typical mozzarella cheese.


Diavola - £8.00

Pizza alla Diavola is made with passata, olive oil, spicy salame, mozzarella cheese and fresh chilli peppers (grown at Crackpot Cottage).


Capricciosa - £8.00

Pizza alla Capricciosa is made with passata, olive oil, mushrooms, ham, mozzarella cheese, black olives and peppers.


Boscaiola - £8.00

Pizza "Boscaiola" is a white pizza topped with, extra-virgin olive oil, mushrooms, sausage and mozzarella


Siciliana - £8.00

Pizza "Siciliana" is topped with with passata, extra-virgin olive oil, cherry tomatoes, green olives & capers


Pugliese - £6.00

Pizza "Pugliese" is pizza topped with, extra-virgin olive oil, passata, onions and mozzarella


Origano - £6.00

Pizza "all'origano" is a simple pizza bursting with flavour prepared with plain passata and homegrown oregano, extra-virgin olive oil and mozzarella.


Suppli - £1.00 each

Suppli are Italian appetisers consisting of a ball of risotto arborio with passata and mozzarella, coated with bread crumbs and deep-fried

We use as much of our homemade produce as possible, such as red onion chutney, fresh bread, chilli peppers, pickled eggs, fruits and herbs.

The eggs come from our own free-range hens.