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Crackpot Smallholding

Our quest for self sufficiency and green living

Green Living

At Crackpot Cottage we spend much of our time finding ways to be as self sufficient as possible, whilst keeping mother nature happy.

And so we build and dig and plant and harvest, and return what we don't need for ourselves back to the land (or give it to the hens!).

We have plenty to keep us busy, rain or shine (mostly rain!), whatever the season  such as:

vegetable garden

fruit trees

hens for eggs and meat

lots of flower beds and lawns

plenty of hedges and natural fencing


and the list goes on.......

Here we share with you our triumphs and failures, and all the hard work and attention our land needs.


Living in the countryside isn't as cosy and idyllic as people imagine but is certainly very rewarding!

Emanuela & Karen

Cheese making – My Cheese Crackpot John

Fun, gratifying and sooo tasty!

January 2022



Wooden Compost Bin using Pallets

How to build a wooden pallet compost bin

October 2021



Dry stack wood-fired pizza oven

How to build comfortably in one day!

August 2021



Composting Toilets – The Bucket System

How to increase self-sufficiency - watching what most people consider an unpleasant waste product (human poo) becoming something of value, simply through the natural process of decomposition.

July 2021



Growing potatoes

The wise old farmer method

September 2020


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