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Walking Up Penhill

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Today with 6 people from the Reeth walking group we went for a beautifull walk up Penhill in the West Witton Moor, 30 minutes drive from Crackpot Cottage. It was the perfect day to enjoy the fantastic view from the top.

Penhill West Witton Moor

We parked the car opposite Penhill Farm and started a gentle walk on a wide track towards the bottom of the hill.

Penhill West Witton Moor

We started at an elevation of 326 metres, chit-chatting while enjoying a very pleasant stroll surrounded by wild and fascinating views.

We then started ascending and the chit-chat stopped!

Penhill ascent

The ascent starts gradually but it increasingly gets steeper reaching an elevation of 538m. Well worth the effort though...

The view from the top of Penhill

The view is 360 degree from Coverdale to Wensleydale as far as Bolton Castle and beyond! Despite the fantastic sunny weather the wind was blowing quite strongly and after a few photos and a well deserved tea break we commenced the descent.

Penhill descent

The descent is as steep as the ascent on fairly uneven ground. All in all we covered a distance of 6Kms, which we achieved, including stopping time, in about 2 hours. It's not a long walk and, apart from the final ascent, not even a difficult one, but one that must not be missed!

Penhill walk map

Walk info:


Elevation: 540m

Time: 2hrs

Difficulty: moderate


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