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Reeth Swaledale

Villages & Towns

One of the more remote northern dales, Swaledale runs west to east to the town of Richmond .

Villages and hamlets in Swaledale include Reeth, Grinton, Low Row, Gunnerside, Muker, Thwaite and Keld.

Richmond Swaledale
Richmond Swaledale

Often referred to as the northern gateway to the Dales, Richmond offers a welcome blend of history and beautiful scenery.


Dominated by an imposing Norman Castle and surrounded by Medieval and Georgian architecture, Richmond  offers a variety of picturesque ruins and fascinating stories.

Being just a short distance away from the Yorkshire Dales means there's plenty of hills, woodland and mountains to explore.

40 minutes drive from Crackpot

Reeth Swaledale

A natural amphitheatre, surrounded by spectacular scenery and stunning panoramas, Reeth was championed by Ella Pontefract, one of the Yorkshire Dale's most esteemed authors as "a little country in itself."


This quirky Saxon settlement had a huge voice in the domestic economy and is best known for its extensive contribution to England's lead industry, as a result it is regularly referred to as the capital of Swaledale.

10 minutes drive from Crackpot

Gunnerside Swaledale

Gunnerside is famous for  its picturesque working fields in the Swaledale valley that nestle up against the River Swale.

The village of Gunnerside is steeped in history, making it a unique and fascinating place to visit and one of its best known sights are the beautiful fields of pasture land known locally as the Gunnerside Flats.

There is a pub The Kings Head, which serves great food and a coffee shop.

10 minutes drive from Crackpot

Muker Swaledale

Built on a hillside above the River Swale stands the diminutive yet handsome village of Muker.


Home to barely 300 people, the village has changed little in hundreds of years and has attractive slate-roofed cottages and dry stone walls.

Muker is popular for walkers as it lies on the path of both the Pennine Way and Coast to Coast.

20 minutes drive from Crackpot

Thwaithe Swaledale

Thwaite is a pretty, unspoilt village.

Thwaite is arguably one of the most beautiful locations in the country. The village is set on the North Bank of Thwaite Beck at the bottom of Kisdon hill, nestled between the villages of Keld and Muker.

Thwaite is the perfect base for any walking holiday. The area is one of outstanding natural beauty and there are some well signed walking routes that pass through the village including the Pennine Way.

30 minutes drive from Crackpot

Keld Swaledale

Keld is a remote hamlet, home to a small rural community.

A short walk from Keld is the River Swale which rushes over four beautiful waterfalls, Kisdon Force, East Gill Force, Catrake Force and Wain Wath Force.

Keld is situated on the crossing point of the Coast to Coast Walk and the Pennine Way.

45 minutes drive from Crackpot

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