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Wooden Compost Bin using Pallets


October 2021

Wooden Compost Bin using Pallets

How to build a wooden pallet compost bin

We have several compost bins at the back, which seem to fill very quickly but not quickly enough for them to run out of space…until we hit Autumn!
Having a number of mature trees and having planted 19 trees since we moved here, our lawn in the Autumn becomes a carpet of leaves of all varieties and colours. The thing about leaves is that once they become mulch, they are perfect for our vegetable garden. Unfortunately though, we couldn’t store all the leaves we accumulated for compost in the past 3 years not having enough space in the compost bins. Then, one day, looking around the garden I spotted 3 pallets I still hadn’t found any use for and with a little bit of research I came across an interesting and very very simple idea:
A wooden compost bin made with wooden pallets.
It takes about ten minutes to build and once it’s up, it’s sturdy and will hold the perfect amount of garden waste for aerobic composting.
It really is as easy as pie to make a pallet compost bin. If you’re on a flat surface, stand two pallets up so that their longer side is their width, rather than their height. Overlap them at one end and fix them together with long screws. Add the third pallet and fix it in the same way.
You can then add a fourth pallet at the front as a gate or a few lengths of timber to keep the pile of compost in. I opted for the lengths of timber because I didn’t have a fourth pallet and couldn’t be bothered looking for one.
Once your compost bin is made you can start piling up! We have already started, and it seems like we’ll have plenty of space for our leaves this year and if ever we need more space all we need to do is to add another 2 pallets (one at the back and one on a side) to extend the existing compost bin. Easy peasy….

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